The Essence of Me

A lot of people are Americans but we are all different. I am very different from all of the other Americans. I like to talk but I get shy when I am around a lot of people . Also, I have to have some things perfect but not all things. Finally, I like to be in the outdoors and play sports. I am going to tell you more about the essence of me.

An essence of me is that I like to talk but I get shy when I am around a lot of people. When I go somewhere where I do not know many people I tend to not talk to anyone. Even when people come anywhere that I am around and I do not know them I do not talk either. When I am around a big group of people I am a little shy. When it is just me and a few of my friends I act very differently.

Another essence of me is that I have to do some things perfect but not all things. I have to  have my room pretty neat before anyone comes over to my house or whenever I leave my house. When I have projects that I have to work on I have to do my very best on them or I am not satisfied. Something that I do not care if it is perfect is my closet. I think that my closet dose not always have to be neat and organized.

The final essence of me is that I like to be outdoors and play sports. I have always loved being outside with nature and being with animals. I love the sound of the wind, running water and animals. When I was little I was always wanting to be outside and playing. Also when I was younger I started soccer which made me want to be outside even more.

These are some of the essence’s of me. There are more but I can not share them all. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. There us so much more you could be doing and you are reading my posts.Thank you for reading about the essence of me.

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