My Own Myth

One day a beautiful girl named Persephone went to visit her mother. The reason she was with her mother was because it was spring. During the winter she stays in the underworld with Hades. The last day Persephone was with her mother she decided that she hated being in the underworld. Persephone went to the god’s and begged to not have to stay with Hades anymore. The god’s showed mercy and allowed her to not have to go back with Hades. When the god’s told Hades the news he was so mad he made the earth shake. The humans on earth called it an earthquake. Hades earthquake destroyed many things. To this day whenever Hades looks at Persephone’s eaten pomegranate he gets so mad that he makes the ground above shake.

Vcances de printemps (Spring Break)

I can not wait until spring break! Even though I am not going anywhere I just want to be home from school. I am going to do things with my youth group at church which I am really looking forward to! I am also looking forward to having a sleepover with my best friends! I can not wait until spring break! This is my post translated into French:

 Je ne peux pas attendre jusqu’à la semaine de relâche! Même si je ne vais nulle part, je veux juste être à la maison de l’école. Je vais faire des choses avec mon groupe de jeunes à l’église que je suis vraiment impatient de le faire! Je suis également impatient d’avoir une soirée pyjama avec mes meilleurs amis! Je ne peux pas attendre jusqu’à la semaine de relâche!

Digital Footprints

I looked up my name on the internet and it came up with a bunch of stuff about me and my family. The internet came up with articles of the messenger that my church puts out. Apparently some of them had my name in them. It also came up with my face book page and a bunch of information on my dad. When I clicked on the information on my dad it said our phone number, address, and it also said that my dad was married, had a house, and how much money he had. The internet also came up with where our house was on the United States map. It was very scary to know that anyone could type in my name or my parents name and find all this information about us.

A Modern Day Hero

A modern day hero would be a soldier. They fight for our freedom and our safety. They have all the qualities of a hero and other amazing qualities. Our soldiers are risking their lives to protect us  and we should  always think of them as hero’s. Every soldier should be remembered by the people of America. They are courageous, brave, kind, wise and they never give up. The soldiers that went to help in the Haiti earthquake and many more natural disasters are to be commended too. Also the soldiers that helped in the clean up of the 9/11 disaster are hero’s. Soldiers are not the only modern day hero’s there are many other hero’s out here that people don’t  know about. Anyone can be a hero!

The Qualities of a Hero

Here are the qualities that I think make a hero. Bravery and courage are the first things that i think of when I hear the word hero. A hero has to be brave to face their fears and to stand up for what they believe in. Also, a hero has to show courage to actually want to stand up for what they think  is right. A hero has to be wise to know what the best move is going to be and how to make that move. Kindness is also a quality of a  hero. A hero has to be kind because he has to want to help others, otherwise he is not a hero. I also think of Perseverance when I think of a hero. A hero has to want to move forward and to want to do all that they can to help in a situation. Anyone can have these qualities, and whoever does have these qualities is a hero.

Mendela and King

There are some similarities and differences between Mendela and King. They both wanted to end segregation. Also, they both worked for freedom and justice. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up very differently from Nelson Mendela. King grew up in Georgia while Mendela grew up in South Africa. Mendela was in prison for about 28 years while King was only arrested because of  non-violent protests but they let him go every time. Mendela was put in jail and king was arrested because they were both standing up for their rights. These are some of the ways Mendela and King are alike and different.


 I think this poem was used for the title for the movie  because the poem was about a man who worked hard and never gave up. Also the man in the poem stood up for what he believed in. In the movie, Nelson Mendel strove to end segregation and also to bring countries together. To try to bring the countries together he had his Rugby Team strive to win the World Cup. The entire team would have to work their hardest and want to win, to actually win. Why i think they named the movie invictus was bacause that showed how hard they worked to try to achive something and because they worked so hard they actually achieved it.