Wanted By Caroline Cooney (Part 4)

Alice ran down the street because she thought Paul was going to capture her. Alice sprinted into a dark alley and after that Paul couldn’t find her. Once she got away from Paul she decided that she needed a car. There was a daycare near by with a lot of cars that were still running in the parking lot. She almost stole the car but she decided not to. Alice went back to the college campus and there found Rick Rellen. He tried to grab Alice but he only got her backpack. She ran into one of the dorms. She met a girl that left her dorm room open. Alice slipped in and got a shower and some clothes. Alice realized that one of her dad’s friends is rarely home. She has been to his house before and knows where he lives. She needed a bed and food so she walked to Mr. Heddig’s house. No one was home so Alice went in and fell asleep. When she woke up she got food and thought this whole thing through. Alice wanted to go back to her dad’s house so she did. Alice got Mr. Heddig’s car and drove off. Once she reached her dad’s house she got on the computer and E-mailed her mother saying this is a big misunderstanding and that she had been framed for murdering her father. Then she put in the disk and read it again. This time she found something really important. Her father’s life had been dedicated to finding his older brother’s murderer. His brother had worked for Dick Arren, a thief and a murderer. Rob, Alice’s father’s brother, had been stealing classified information from companies. Dick Arren found out that he told his brother and murdered Rob. No one else knew that Dick Arren had killed Rob. Even though Alice’s father had tried to prove this, nobody ever found the real reason behind the death. One day Alice’s dad was driving next to Dick Arren in his Porsche when he said that Rob was garbage in the road. That was when her father dedicated his life to trying to find Dick Arren. Alice drove to her mother’s house and when she wasn’t there she drove to Rick Rellen’s house. There she found out that Rick Rellen WAS Dick Arren! When Alice was about to get murdered by Rick the police came. They said that they knew she was innocent and that Rick Rellen did murder her father. The police also said that her friends and her mother were out looking for her every day. They never lost hope in Alice. Her mother was at the air port waiting for Alice’s grandparents. The police took her there and everything turned out fine.

Wanted By Caroline Cooney (part 3)

When we left off last Alice ended up minutes away from her mother’s house. She was in front of a group of college girls when her future step-dad pulled up in his car. She didn’t want to talk to Rick Rellen so she blendedin with the college girls. When the  girls went onto a big bus Alice followed. The driver (Bethany) asked who she was.  Alice’s explanation was that her boyfriend left her and she needed a ride back to the campus. Once she got to the campus Alice wanted to see what was on the disk that her father wanted her to bring to him. So she could do that, she found a computer lab. Once she got in the doors Alice had to have a student ID card to enter. She was standing outside the door when a group of guys walked in. Then, a guy named Paul let her in because he thought that she just randomly forgot her IDcard. when she was in she got out the disk and put it in. All that was on it was a biography of her father. Alice was furious, she didn’t see how her father wanted that so badly. She went outside and met up with Paul again. She said that she had no place to sleep because she had a fight with her roommate. Paul had a friend Ginger with a roommate that never stayed in the dorm. Ginger was happy to help. Alice went up to the room, took a shower, and went to bed. When she woke up Alice got dressed and sprinted out of the room. She had to get breakfast! On her way, she saw a bunch of her friends in their cars looking for something when they should be in school. She blended in with a bunch of runners so they wouldn’t notice her. At the restaurant she saw Paul out with his friends who should also be in school. Paul noticed her and he ran after her, she sprinted around the back of the restraunt. Keep reading my blog to find out more.

Wanted By Caroline Cooney (part 2)

Last time, I left off when Alice was talking to her mother on the phone and she said that Alice had sent her a message confessing that she had murdered her father. After Alice hung up with her mother she drove off in a direction that she was not familiar with. After she had driven a while she started to realize where she was. Alice was in front of the mall that was minutes away from her mom’s house. She had made a complete circle! Once she had turned into the mall parking lot, she noticed that a police was right behind her. Alice decided to go into the mall and get a disguise. Once she got her disguise she distracted the police standing at every doorway so that she could escape. When she was out the door a police man tried to come after her but she jumped into the back of a dirty pick-up truck. After a while she got out of the truck and started walking when she came upon a school. She went into the school and for some reason stole a little kids back-pack. (she felt horrible about that). Alice started to run away from the school and ended up minutes away from her mom’s house again. To find out how it ends read my blog.

Wanted By:Caroline Cooney

Alice was painting her fingernails in her Dad’s condo when she gets a phone call. On the other end was her dad, he called to say that he wanted her to get a disk from his home office and take it to him. He wanted her to take his corvette eventhough she didn’t have her licens. He said to meet him at her favorite place to get milk-shakes. Eventhough her father told her to come right away, she finished her nails and changed clothes. As soon as she was about to go someone came into the condo. She didn’t know who he was so she hid under the car in the garage. Alice heard him come into the garage and mutter “I killed him good”. When the man was long gone she got into the car and drove to where she loved to get milk-shakes hoping to find her dad. When she was waiting on him Alice heard on the radio that the police think Alice killed her own father. The radio announcer said her licens plate number, the car he was driving, and everything about her. While she was still in shock she called her mother and her mother said that she got an E-mail confessing that Alice killed her father. To find out what happens next keep reading at my blog.

Caroline Cooney

Wanted by caroline cooneyCaroline Cooney was born May 10, 1947 in Genova, New York. By the time she was in 10Th grade she was playing piano for musical productions, directing choirs, and had a job as a church organist. She graduated from Greenwich High School in 1965 and went to a lot of colleges and studied music, art and English. When she was in college she started her writing. Cooney targets her writing more towards young adults.  She published her first book in 1979. She is a writer, and a mother of 3 children Louisa, Sayre, and Harold. Now Cooney visits libraries, schools,and conferences. Her current home is Westbrook, Connecticut.

Storm Warning!

Yesterday we got out of school early because there was a storm warning. After all the parents were contacted they started coming an checking their child out. I really din’t see the point in that. Everyone was so excited that school was out! I wanted to get out of school today also.

The Essence of Me

A lot of people are Americans but we are all different. I am very different from all of the other Americans. I like to talk but I get shy when I am around a lot of people . Also, I have to have some things perfect but not all things. Finally, I like to be in the outdoors and play sports. I am going to tell you more about the essence of me.

An essence of me is that I like to talk but I get shy when I am around a lot of people. When I go somewhere where I do not know many people I tend to not talk to anyone. Even when people come anywhere that I am around and I do not know them I do not talk either. When I am around a big group of people I am a little shy. When it is just me and a few of my friends I act very differently.

Another essence of me is that I have to do some things perfect but not all things. I have to  have my room pretty neat before anyone comes over to my house or whenever I leave my house. When I have projects that I have to work on I have to do my very best on them or I am not satisfied. Something that I do not care if it is perfect is my closet. I think that my closet dose not always have to be neat and organized.

The final essence of me is that I like to be outdoors and play sports. I have always loved being outside with nature and being with animals. I love the sound of the wind, running water and animals. When I was little I was always wanting to be outside and playing. Also when I was younger I started soccer which made me want to be outside even more.

These are some of the essence’s of me. There are more but I can not share them all. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. There us so much more you could be doing and you are reading my posts.Thank you for reading about the essence of me.

My Fall Break

For fall break I am going to stay home. I am going to work on my bug project and my math project. I am also going to spend the night with some of my friends from church that are not going anywhere. Most of my fall break will be about sleeping in and hanging out with friends that are not going anywhere. We would be going to Disney World but since we went to the beach this summer then we arn’t going anywhere over fall break. My mom says that we can’t have two big trips in one year. I am just going to enjoy being at home and relaxing!

Silent Lunch!!!

Today we had silent lunch! It was awful, we had to be quiet the entire time because Mr. Chaffin was calling out the people’s names that were whispering. We sit in the very back corner of the lunch room so our table got away with whispering a little. I was eating my lunch and all of the sudden I see Lane doing all these crazy hand motions to someone at a different table. Juliana and I couldn’t help but laugh! Also, whenever Juliana and I looked at each other westarted laughing for no reason. I really hope that we don’t have silent lunch again, but I know we will at least one more time.